Client Highlight: The Journey Fund

Northwest Medical Specialties is the leading cancer care provider in the Puget Sound. They partnered with VSG Marketing to build out internal branding and communication strategies for their staff, who were spread out over 7 locations when they decided to start their own foundation that supported their patients beyond cancer treatment.

Step one was to hire an Executive Director and step two was to come up with a name and brand that would exemplify their mission. 

It was our pleasure to work with Executive Director and cancer survivor, Mary Stumph, alongside her board on creating “The Journey Fund” brand from concept to reality.

The Journey Fund was inspired by physicians, social workers, patients, caregivers, and many more. The goal is to help patients as they navigate their cancer journey. I am personally passionate as a cancer survivor as well as an advocate for all cancer patients. Please join me in supporting The Journey Fund to help patients with cancer.

-Mary Stumph, Executive Director

The Journey Fund‘s Mission reads:

No cancer patient should ever feel alone on their journey. We believe every patient deserves the best healthcare not only through treatment excellence but also through multifaceted individual assistance. Many cancer patients face multiple barriers that lead to treatment outcome disparity. The purpose of The Journey Fund is to provide supportive care to achieve healthcare equality. The Journey Fund helps cancer patients overcome social, financial, logistical, communication and emotional barriers to complement their healthcare treatment. The Journey Fund receives donations and community resources to provide systematic support to patients in need.

This makes a lot of sense to us. A patient is a complex human being who requires much more than excellent treatment when faced with cancer. From having groceries in the house to transportation to and from each appointment, there are so many other details in life that have an effect on their journey. 

The Challenge:
Create a name, brand, and web presence that communicates the importance of this cause. Tell the story well and enable the community to get involved.

The Solution:
After conducting an analysis of the market, our creative team provided several name options to the board and by committee. They selected “The Journey Fund.” With a name and a vision, we moved on to full brand development included several logo options and supporting elements via moodboards. 

It was important for us and the client to focus on the human element in this project. The point of the Journey fund is to identify and facilitate the connection points of wellness in a cancer patient’s journey in conjunction with their treatment. With that in mind, we carefully chose a color palette,  imagery, and patterns that clearly reflect connection and humanity as well as highlight the types of services The Journey Fund provides in navigating the journey with cancer patients.

Brand Elements

Web Implementation

We then applied this brand to a simple, straightforward website that allows community members to volunteer or donate resources to the cause.

Up Next for TJF: 

Equipped with all the elements they need to tell their story, The Journey Fund is off and running in their fundraising efforts.

If this cause speaks to you, check out their website for more information on how to get involved.

We are proud to be nominated as one of the Top Naming Agencies! If you need help with creating your brand or want to update your website? Email us here

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