Don’t Cut It Short: Benefits of Long-Form Media

Video has quickly become one of the fastest-growing and most effective marketing strategies. If you haven’t already, check out a blog we wrote on why video should be a part of your marketing strategy. In general, video content is one of the best ways to broaden your online reach. However, to deepen those customer connections, we want to encourage you to think about the idea of long-form (15 minutes or longer) videos or podcasts for your marketing strategy.

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By properly optimizing media in your marketing strategy, you can greatly improve your brand recognition, customer retention, loyalty, sales, and many other factors. Our Marketing Director and Digital Marketing Specialist sat down to discuss this topic. Click here or the image above to watch our discussion of the topic or keep reading for some quick takeaways.

It Isn’t An Attention Span Thing

Numerous articles have stated for the last 5+ years that Americans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. However, after some source checking, we find that the study is not exactly what we thought.

Longer media allows the creator to tell a better story. The most successful TV shows, Youtube channels, and social media account all do a great job involving their audience. That’s really what it’s all about. It does not matter what gear you have or how good you are at editing videos together. All that matters is that you tell a good story. Viewers want to stick around because of the personal connection and trust that comes with video content.  

It Increases Engagement

More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube every.single.minute. What if we told you that over 50% of engagement is captured by less than 8% of all videos uploaded? It’s true! Videos that are 15 minutes or longer on make up 8% of all video uploads, but they capture over 50% of audience engagement. Deeper engagement leads to more conversions and customer loyalty. 

You may see fewer views in a video that is 30 minutes compared to one that is 2 minutes, but the engagement rate should be much higher. Viewers that stick around and watch your whole video, sacrifice a good amount of their day to interact with your content. That investment turns into more interaction with the brand, social channels, and improves purchasing patterns. 

What Do You Have To Lose?

We have heard nothing but good things regarding video content and business health. To put it simply, by implementing video content into your marketing and operation strategy, you will see nothing but positive feedback. 

So, pick up a camera, your phone, or a microphone, grab a coworker, and start letting consumers in on your business. With access to high-quality video in nearly all of our pockets, what do you have to lose? We’ll tell ya…

P.s. there are a ton of resources available on the web regarding this topic. One of our favorites is this one. Why All B2B Brands Will Be Media Companies in the Next 5 Years

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