VSG Welcomes New Account Manager, Heather!

VSG Marketing is growing. We recently on-boarded a new Account Manager to support our valued clients in their marketing strategies. Everyone, help us welcome Heather to the team!

Fill us in on your background a bit. Where were/what were you doing before you started at VSG?

Before I started with VSG, I was living and working in Hawaii. My husband is in the military and we’ve moved around quite a bit (VA->FL->TX->NC->HI). Hawaii was by far the most beautiful and it was tough to leave, but we are so excited about the new adventures we’ll have now that we’re settled in the PNW! I was running a firm in Hawaii that did all things marketing and PR. Our focus was on web development, social media and advertising campaigns, press and media relations, and content creation.

What is it like going from self-employed to working full time at an agency? What are some differences you see between the two dynamics? 

Honestly, I was SO EXCITED to come and work for an agency. I absolutely love working in a collaborative environment, it’s where I thrive. Being self-employed and working in a home office can be tough. I had to be extremely disciplined (especially when it came to STOPPING work) and it can get lonely. I love this new environment to brainstorm ideas and to be surrounded by experts who have so much knowledge and insight to contribute. VSG has done a great job of making me feel supported. And I can really focus on the needs of our clients, which is so important. 

What are some challenges you have run into as an account manager?

I think one of the biggest challenges that I’ve experienced across my entire career as a marketer is managing timeline, cost and ROI expectations with clients. The reality is that successful marketing initiatives with clear, effective messaging don’t just happen by chance or overnight. The process (and it IS a process) is very strategic and deliberate, which takes time (data collection, client and target market research, brainstorming, testing, etc.) and resources (good content, photography/videography, design, etc.) I think the key to overcoming these obstacles is educating the client as much as possible. If they understand the value of the time and resources spent on their behalf, they are more likely to understand and appreciate the outcome. In the end, we both want the same thing: SUCCESS!  

What is something you didn’t expect?

One thing that surprised me about working at VSG is the level of care and attention given to each and every client. I feel like that is a dying concept at so many agencies today. I was so pleased to see VSG going above and beyond for their clients to ensure success. They really care and it shows.

What is your favorite part about your role?

That’s easy. The people. The team at VSG as well as our clients. We have a really good group that uplifts and empowers each other. Plus everyone is really, really smart, passionate and hard-working. I think that collaborative spirit attracts clients who appreciate that and want to be a part of it. 

What are you excited about as you think about a future with VSG?

I really can’t wait to dive in with more clients. I’m anxious to build those relationships, share my insights and perspective, and drive success for them through strategic initiatives. I just want to start contributing and be a part of VSG’s and our clients’ successes.

You can say “Hey” to Heather by dropping her a line at [email protected]

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