Commencement Bay Cannabis

Marketing Technology


Designed a modern website based on user experience and functionality.



Developed an intuitive, customizable website that allows the client to make edits on their own each week.

Budding Cannabis company gets a custom web solution.

The Challenge

Commencement Bay Cannabis, owned by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, is a high-end cannabis store that offers premium products at competitive prices. With over 1,000 products their customers have an array of options to choose from. Alongside their wide selection of products is a highly educated staff that take customer service to a new standard.

As a newer business (Opened in 2017), CBC connected with VSG Marketing in their search for website development. They had a simple html page that was serving as a landing place for all their customers, but their goal was to have a site that allowed people to shop their products, text in orders, and even apply for job openings.

What We Did

VSG met with the CBC team, gathered information on their wants and needs, and designed an inviting, easy to navigate website that will serve as a powerful tool for their business.

Commencement Bay Cannabis also required features on their site that would need updates on a weekly basis. We worked to create a solution that empowered them to make all the content changes they might need easily and with full confidence.