Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Implemented a strategic plan to scale marketing collateral and resources more effectively and efficiently while working towards their long-term goals and needs to support their entire field staff. As a result, VSG became an extension of their internal marketing team to provide support in the creation and deployment of fresh, relevant marketing pieces.


Provided FCA with our brand management platform, Suitespace to scale and customize collateral for over 1700 national and global staff.


Eliminated waste from generic print collateral while creating more cost effective, custom solutions. As a result, FCA’s marketing team has been able to essentially do more with less and has experienced cash flow improvements.

National nonprofit scales marketing impact through leveraging brand management platform.

The Challenge

National sports outreach organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), has an international mission to impact coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use their sport as a platform to unite, inspire and change the world. Since they began in 1954, FCA has grown to now include 1700 staff in over 62 countries that encourage, empower and equip coaches and athletes in athletic, personal and spiritual development.

With such a large field staff to support and a small marketing team, FCA struggled to scale their time and resources to meet the needs of all their requests. FCA’s marketing team had the impossible task of supporting 1700 field staff with on-demand access to resources and customizable marketing collateral, while maintaining brand compliance. As a result, they were left only able to produce static print collateral, which would quickly become outdated and led to a great deal of wasted print and surplus supplies throughout the organization.

What We Did

We worked alongside FCA’s marketing team to implement a strategy and execute a plan to end brand disparity, scale resources and offer customizable, localized marketing collateral to their entire organization through our brand management platform, Suitespace.

By implementing Suitespace, FCA could now allow their entire staff of over 1700 individuals access to update, customize and order print and download marketing collateral on-demand localized to their specific area. As a result, FCA has eliminated print waste, gained greater control of brand compliance and been able to save time and money by doing more with less. By freeing up time and resources, their lean marketing team is now able to put greater creativity and energy to new growth strategies that they can scale across the entire organization.