Beginning without even a name for the company, we developed a versatile brand system for a youth-centric social enterprise.


We took our design and provided quality print materials to HireLevel.

Social enterprise gets vibrant brand to move mission forward.

The Challenge

HireLevel social enterprises create and operate businesses with a focus on youth that moves futures forward. HireLevel Enterprises, LLC is all about leveraging business ventures to make an impact on kids’ lives by providing mentorship, hope, vocational training and direction for the future. Their current enterprises include an auto repair & sales program as well as a full-scale promotional embroidery business. Both offer employment, vocational training and mentorship opportunities to Youth in Central Ohio’s Franklinton community, with proceeds going to support the mission of Youth For Christ ™

The HireLevel team needed a well-positioned brand to promote their mission and their products to surrounding markets. They posed a unique challenge to our team: with multiple businesses (all with different objectives), they needed a comprehensive brand system that would both have its own identity and also act as a template for the roll out of their companies, both present and future.

What We Did

VSG was able to leverage the youth oriented nature of the organization to create a vibrant, energetic look and feel for the brand identity and collateral. Tied in to the youthful color palette, fresh photography application and modern infographics is a theme of movement, specifically upward movement. Using the up-ward pointing rhombus in the Hire Level logo ‘stairs’, we were able to create a modular brand system that provided a consistent platform for each business venture. That brand look was then rolled out across a variety of marketing channels leveraging print and digital media.

HireLevel Enterprises case study