Marketing Technology


Conducted research and brand positioning for health and lifestyle beverage



Complete brand re-development based on strategic findings. Designed a full set of brand guidelines, elements and collateral for ongoing marketing deployment

Revolutionary beverage company buzzing over updated brand and positioning

The Challenge

JoeFroyo™ frozen coffee drink is the perfect blend of healthful and tastes-good ingredients, breaking through the national beverage industry with a better alternative to the go-to beverage splurge. It has the buzz of 100% Arabica coffee and the texture of smooth Dannon frozen yogurt with the added benefit of 8g of protein, 25% of your daily calcium and zero fat!

JoeFroyo had launched a preliminary brand, market-testing their product in over 600 convenience stores around the region. They quickly realized that their Americana-driven marketing targeted truck drivers and gas station consumers missing their target buyer and flopping in-store without a clear tie to the right market. It was critical to get JoeFroyo in front of the right audience, in the right location with the right messaging and visuals for the product to gain traction.

What We Did

With their current marketing missing the mark, it was important that we understood the differentiators for the JoeFroyo product. We partnered with the Joe team on strategic discovery, narrowing in on JoeFroyo’s health benefits, positioning the brand as a “good-for-you” beverage. With this knowledge we were able to create a custom phase-one execution plan complete with rebranding, messaging, photography, brand assets, infographics, food truck wrap and website. 

No longer just an alternative to your average Joe, we worked to move outside of the convenience store realm and in to the health and lifestyle product category, launching with JoeFroyo’s iconic “yum smile” mark to create a fresh and vibrant look for the product. Reports-to-date indicate that demand for the JoeFroyo product has exceeded supply.

Joefroyo case study