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It all starts with a logo. We meld strategy and creativity in the design process to create brands  that set a foundation for marketing success.

VSG Logo Library

1. Prather Homes
Full service realty group. Tacoma, WA

2. Carpenters Building 
Art incubator event space. Tacoma, WA

3. Firstline Systems, Inc. 
Dry wall contractor. Kirkland, WA

4. SAVI Day Spa 
Premier day spa.Tacoma, WA

5. American Brewing Co. 
Craft brewing company. (National)

6. Life Point Law 
Attorneys specializing in elder care. Federal Way, WA

Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association. Seattle, WA

8. JoeFroyo 
Blended Coffee Beverage in the fitness market. (National)

9. Southworth & Sons, Inc. 
Contractors. Enumclaw, WA

10. The Beyond Foundation
Foundation supporting oncology patients. Tacoma, WA

11. HireLevel 
Social enterprise providing kids with job skills. Colombus, OH.

12. Brantley Janson 
Certified Public Accountants. Federal Way, WA

13. Great Falls Capital 
Parent company of financial lending firms. (National)

14. Ascente Financial 
Capital investment for dental industry. (National)

15. Brewery Finance 
Capital investment for breweries.(National)

16. Pinnacle Capital Partners 
Equipment finance and leasing company. (National)

 17. Specialty Coffee Finance 
Capital investment for specialty coffee industry. (National)

18. Lobster Shop 
Fine dining establishment. Tacoma, WA

19. Care Net 
Pregnancy and family counseling services. Tacoma, WA

20. Hill Meat Company 
Premium meat company.(National)

21. Foster 2 Zero 
Campaign for foster care group. Tacoma, WA

22. Northwest Partitions 
Custom framing company. Seattle, WA

23. Tegra, LLC
Clothing & textile manufacturing.(Global)

24. Clear Creek Financial
Financial management group. Silverdale, WA

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