Youth For Christ

Youth For Christ



Provided inter-organizational deployment for a national brand and centralized internal and external communications to one platform.



Implemented print on-demand and print-and-mail capabilities that allow YFC to send out over 230,000 pieces a year with the click of a button.

National nonprofit scales marketing services and streamlines communication by leveraging brand management and marketing automation platforms. 

The Challenge

National youth outreach organization, Youth For Christ (YFC), has a global mission for reaching kids and a local focus on urban ministry. With over 180 chapters across the U.S., their impact on thousands of community centers, high schools, middle schools, and juvenile institutions has grown exponentially as has their track record for success since their founding in 1940.

Due to YFC’s growth as an organization with over 180 chapters throughout the U.S., they suffered from brand disparity and disjointed communications. They had a new brand, but were up against the massive challenge of brand deployment and streamlining internal and external communications. They needed a cost effective and efficient way to version out marketing collateral and logos and centralize their national communications.

What We Did

We became an extension of the YFC team, handling all of their internal marketing requests on a national level by leveraging our brand management platform, Suitespace, and helping them implement our marketing automation system, AMS, to centralize their internal and external communications on one platform. By implementing Suitespace, YFC could now allow all their staff access to update, customize and order print and download marketing collateral on-demand from any web browser. By utilizing AMS they were able to consolidate and streamline the use of multiple platforms to one centralized system allowing for strategic, efficient communication internally to staff and externally to donors.

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